Are we a good fit? Hopefully this page will help you decide if you are interested in working with me.


My Job
I help you create visual and informational items that speak in the voice of your business and actively serve your business goals and relationships. My job is to be a source of support, direction, lightheartedness and education. If I don’t think I am the best fit for you or your project, I will let you know (and, if possible, refer you to someone who may be a better fit).

I am responsive and accountable, I will let you know where your project stands and how we can stay in touch. I actively pursue giving you a sense of autonomy and direct access to your project. I work in an integrity-based process. I am clear about what I am offering you and what I expect in return. I will give you my honest opinion, even if it is not the same as yours.

Calm and Soothing
I’ve been told *more* than a handful of times that I have a calming and soothing effect on people. If you’re looking for a whippersnapper or 24/7 type, I may not be for you. I’m easygoing and thoughtful. I am also dedicated, straightforward, sincere and well-boundaried. My goal is to be in balance with being of service to you and taking good care of myself.

Intuitive, Creative, Artistic
I’m an artist and I have a deep intuitive and creative process. What the heck does that mean, you ask?!? It means that part of what I bring to the table is the ability to have my work be informed by my knowledge of you as well as a meditative/universal input that oftentimes lifts the resulting work beyond my own conscious intention. In short, it’s a pretty awesome gift.

Life happens. Tragedy, celebration, mistakes, process, personality, and human-ness at its finest. All of these and more can affect our work together, on either of our parts. We can revise timelines, change our minds and come up with creative solutions to any problems that may arise. Let’s talk and we’ll figure it out.



You know yourself fairly well and have some personal awareness and/or a spiritual practice that informs your relationships and boundaries.

Project Clarity and Goals
If you’re not clear on your purpose or what it is you want, the best starting point is a free phone consultation. That way we can decide the best direction in which you and I can move forward.

You are looking to sincerely connect with potential and existing clients, to offer them products/services/information that are of generous value, and to build relationships that benefit everyone involved.

Reasonable Timeline and Budget
It takes time to provide detailed, creative and thoughtful work. You are ready to invest in a fair and honorable exchange of services for currency. This allows me to provide you with generous and thorough service.

You are willing to participate in the give/take of feedback necessary to the creative process. You do your homework (yes, there’s homework!) and keep up your end of the bargain.

Willing to Learn
You are curious and willing to learn. This doesn’t mean you have to be a tech expert. You may even be nervous about technology in general or uncomfortable with the ever-burgeoning world of blogs, websites and social media. That’s ok. We’ll walk through this together, in a gentle learning process.

Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Individuals
I’m a one-person team so I specialize in working with individuals and small businesses.

Courteous, Mindful, Maybe Even Quirky?
I’m nice. You’re nice too. And like most of my clients (and friends) you’re thoughtful, mindful of your presence and impact on the world and those around you, have a sense of humor and are maybe even a little quirky (I know I am)!

You: Yes, yes, yes! What’S Next?
Me: let’s chat! Call me at 480-319-4463 or email me at